My wife makes the simplest of moments in our life beautiful with her innate vision to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, simply with her words. The Mastodon account @[email protected] is my attempt at documenting those gems, without any context.

Here are some of the toots posts I consider noteworthy, unannotated as intended.

I punch without warning.

2 March 2023

My mind is working less because I’m standing.

20 March 2023

What do I need — Nothing.
What do I want — Everything.

25 January 2023

I won’t use them but I want them all.

25 February 2023

I’m such a fan of myself.

4 Feb 2023

You know it’s the end of the world when three memes come together and you know all three of them.

26 March 2023


The project had its first life as a set of twin accounts on Twitter, @MyHusbandNoContext and @MyWifeNoContext created in June 2021. Both accounts have since been deleted. Some of the posts on Mastodon are from the archive of tweets.

With Twitter’s apparent and imminent decline, I decided to move over the project to Mastodon, with a refreshed enthusiasm, resulting in almost 500 posts in just about 3 months. For reference, @MyWifeNoContext had exactly 140 tweets for the 18 months it was active.

My loving wife knows about the account. She has given her utmost support, as she does with all my endeavours.