Archit Pal Singh Sachdeva

So far, so absurd.

Exploring new ideas in computer science, mathematics, and philosophy.

Engineering Manager working on Privacy at Meta, ensuring user data deemed for deletion is deleted. You may spot me walking around London sipping an iced coffee.


For a condensed professional summary, please look at my résumé.

2011–2016  ⊢  Graduation

I graduated in 2016 with an Integrated Masters in Mathematics and Computing from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Interned at Amazon Hyderabad during summer 2014, and at Facebook Seattle the following summer.

I dabbled in competitive programming and web design. Participated in International Collegiate Programming Contest 2015 at Marrakesh. I discovered my love for design, and the web, working on client projects between 2013 and 2016.

My thesis was on partitions in number theory, which resulted in a proof of a conjectured inequality published in Research in Number Theory.

2016–Present  ⊢  Engineering at Meta

Aug 2016–Mar 2019: Joined Meta, then Facebook, in London as a Software Engineer in August 2016 soon after graduation. Worked on testing frameworks and infrastructure, helping scale end to end tests for thousands of developers across web and mobile platforms. I presented about the work I did on testing frameworks at SeleniumConf Berlin in 2017 to facilitate better writing of end to end tests. My good friend and colleague Dmitry Lyubarskiy presented on the infrastructure work we did to scale the execution of tests at pull request time at Agile & Automation Days Kraków in 2018.

Mar 2019–Jan 2022: In March 2019, I moved to WhatsApp to help spin up their testing and automation infrastructure efforts. Helped grow the team, infrastructure, and test coverage, maturing the infrastructure to scale the pace of development at WhatsApp.

Jan 2022–Present: In January 2022, I switched teams and roles, supporting the Deletion Coverage team in the capacity of an engineering manager. Helped grow the team through hiring and lay out its strategy to raise the bar on deletion requirements across systems within Meta.


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Elsewhere on the Internet

I’m @antiarchit on most fine internet establishments. Here are links to some of my profiles.