Archit Pal Singh Sachdeva

Software Engineering Manager at Meta


2016—Present ⊢ Engineering at Meta

January 2022–Present

Engineering Manager ⊢ Deletion Coverage

Engineering Manager for Deletion Coverage responsible to ensure Meta upholds its deletion requirements, i.e., all user data deemed for deletion is actually deleted.

  • Team Growth: Grew the team directly through hiring and supporting engineers in their career growth.
  • Strategy and Execution: Defined the team’s long term strategy, set up pod structure, and focused on execution with metrics.
  • Collaboration: Collaborated with partner teams and cross functional partners, including engaging with and presenting to external assessors to demonstrate fulfilment of our privacy commitments.
March 2019–January 2022

Software Engineer ⊢ WhatsApp Test Automation Infra

Tech Lead for Test Automation Infra on WhatsApp. Set and executed on the testing strategy for WhatsApp iOS and Android codebases that prioritised correctness, reliability, and performance; resulting in higher developer velocity and product quality.

  • Continuous Integration Infrastructure: End to end integration to enable continuous test execution during the entire lifecycle of a code change.
  • Test Selection: A tool to select the most relevant tests based on changes to reduce time to signal without loss using signals such as changed files and test coverage.
  • Stack: Python, Rust
August 2016–March 2019

Software Engineer ⊢ Test Infra

Worked throughout the stack to develop frameworks and tools to help developers author and debug tests, and infrastructure to execute them throughout the lifecycle of a code change.

  • End to End Testing Frameworks: Frameworks (on web, iOS, Android, and React Native) to enable developers to write stable end-to-end tests.
  • Debugging Tool: Full-stack internal web tools to display diagnostics about test runs and results to facilitate debugging failures.
  • Execution Infrastructure: Scaling execution of tests on changes by developers done through event-driven micro-services.
  • Stack: Java, Hack, JavaScript, Swift, Python, React


Summer 2015

Android Interfaces ⊢ Facebook

A Java source-to-source transformation of Enums into ints using annotation processing to reduce memory footprint of Facebook for Android app.

Summer 2014

Transportation Message Processing Platform ⊢ Amazon

  • Reporting service in Java to facilitate invoicing by a shipment carrier.
  • Platform to search on different forms of data hosted on Apache Tomcat.



Integrated Masters in Mathematics and Computing ⊢ Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

  • Thesis: Proof of a limited version of Mao’s partition rank inequality using a theta function identity
  • Areas of Interest: Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Programming Languages, Philosophy